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Эссе по английскому: Is going on a slimming diet a crazy idea?

Doctors warn that going on a slimming diet is a crazy idea. I also think so, but there are lots of people who day by day lose weight to have a slim body. Are they all crazy?

On the one hand, people need a whole complex of vitamins taken with their food but a slimming diet limits the daily intake of vitamins and minerals. This can have serious consequences because daily starving can cause different diseases. In addition, when people start losing weight they at the same time risk losing their unique individuality. All of them are driven by the desire to resemble thin models from glossy magazines.

To express an alternative view, losing weight is sometimes necessary to treat a disease or to fight obesity. Besides, a balanced diet with all the useful nutrients can be an efficient way to keep fit. To continue, there are some professions that require weight standards and in this case people have to control their weight.

I don't quite agree with the previous paragraph because even with the best intentions to treat a disease, people often overdo with their dieting and develop eating disorders. My other idea is that in order to keep fit a slimming diet is not enough and we all need sports activities, fresh air and healthy food. I would call this a healthy lifestyle. On top of that, I believe that a slimming diet is good if we follow it within reasonable limits.

To sum it all up, going on a diet can indeed be a crazy idea unless we start slimming for a good reason within some reasonable limits.

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