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Эссе по английскому: Why do you think global warming is taking place on Earth?

Global warming is the issue that causes heated debates. Supporters of the man-made hypothesis argue that humans are to blame while defenders of the natural theory seek the answer in natural cycles.

Much can be said to prove the man-made hypothesis. To begin with, human industrial activity is obviously harmful to the environment. Another factor putting responsibility on people is consumerism and indulging in energy use. The third factor to be taken into account is the refusal of some governments to introduce energy saving policy.

However, nature may be a silent participant in global warming as well because natural cycles of cold and warm periods have already occurred on our planet. Cause number one of the global warming may be the shifting of magnetic poles on the surface of the planet. Cause number two may be tilting the axis of the Earth and changing the angle towards the Sun. Cause number three is perhaps increased Sun activity.

With all the probability of the natural cycle theory I am still inclined to think that the blame cannot be put entirely on nature. Even if the global warming wave nowadays is natural, human industrial activity boosts it up. Similarly, if the shifting of magnetic poles is really taking place, why not exercise more caution in treating the environment? Moreover, if the Sun is getting more active, why not develop the technologies of using the energy of the Sun?

Putting my ideas in a nutshell, the role of human activity in global warming is obvious but if some natural causes are adding fuel into the fire, let us all be ecologically friendlier to our nature.

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