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Эссе по английскому: Do learning results depend on talent or effort?

It is commonly acknowledged that a talent is a true factor of success while hard work is second in importance. I agree that the genes of a genius are a great gift but hard work is also essential.

To share my point, a talent without work is like a tree without soil. Any talented learner usually studies a lot even though others may not notice it. Besides, learners with modest abilities in the beginning achieve great goals in the end owing to the efforts they have made. In addition, learning skills need persistent training and high performance is always the result of hard work.

This being said, learning efforts produce an effect if the learner has brains. There are cases when a talented student does not study much but easily and effortlessly understands and acquires new knowledge. Also, talented students more often impress others with creative ideas and insights. Accordingly, students with average or low abilities are less successful in their studies despite the time they spend on learning.

Even though recognising the role of the talent, I still want to emphasize that hard work is needed if one really wants to achieve success in one's learning. Truly enough, talented students are fast learners but if they do not work regularly, it will tell on the results. As for creativity, insightful thinking can become regular only on condition of regular brain training. Talking about average learners, they achieve a lot in the end as a result of perseverance.

Coming to my own conclusion, I must admit that talent certainly plays a part in one's learning but it is hard work that makes learning really productive.

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