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Эссе по английскому: Why do you think some young people start to live on their own?

These days some young people start to live on their own although every situation is unique. In any case, I think there are reasons to do it.

To start with, young people are no longer children but grown up individuals and it is natural for them to choose their own ways in life. Furthermore, many young men and women want more freedom and independence to prove that they are adults already. Besides, they usually want to test themselves and to see their real worth.

Although I agree that many young people leave their parental house, not all of them do so. One of the reasons is that for many people family links are very important and they do not want to break them. In addition, living in a parental house is a strong habit with many of us and we are used to the comfort of this life. What is more, some parents need help from their children who have to look after them.

Now I want to explain why I do not fully agree with the previous paragraph. Talking of the family links, it is my firm belief that they are never broken wherever we live. As for the comfort of life, every young person has a natural desire to create one's own home and to raise a family. Concerning the need to look after the parents, there are many ways of being caring and kind to them.

To draw a conclusion, the time comes for everyone to leave one's parents' house and at the same time to remain part of it.

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