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Эссе по английскому: Can all the people be happy?

There are different approaches to the idea of happiness for all. In my opinion, feeling happy means rejoicing that life is going on. But can everybody share this feeling?

To begin with, everybody feels happy on achieving major or minor goals in life. But goal achievement does not exhaust the chances of feeling happy. Another reason is the satisfaction of needs to have good food, trendy clothes, and one's own house. To complete the picture of happiness, I can't but mention family and friends, career and success without which nobody can be pronounced fulfilled.

Although there are many reasons to feel happy, life has many sides to it. Too many people suffer from diseases or get in disasters. To make the matters worse, conflicts and wars can break one's happiness, leaving people helpless, injured and lonely. In addition, poverty and misery bring down one's self- image and make people feel disappointed in life, angry and unhappy.

Talking about the negative sides of life, I still want to continue on a positive note. In case of diseases and disasters, people can count on medical assistance and a speedy recovery, to which I would add a sense of personal optimism and support from family and friends. Furthermore, even under the circumstances of conflicts and wars, human wisdom and good will can increase the positive perception of life. Concerning poverty, money does not buy anybody a warranty to happiness.

Getting back to the concept of happiness, life is not a bed of roses, but the feeling of happiness depends a lot on what you feel about yourself, how you treat others and how much you claim to achieve.

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