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Family and Family Problems. Топик по английскому

A family is an essential part of our society. A family is a little world. According to researches, households of three or even four generations will become typical.

Firstly a family has things shared together like dreams, hopes and possessions. I think it is great. Besides, we need a family for comfort and protection.

Secondly a family is a place where they respect dwellers, a place where all members can enjoy the dignity of their own. Some people say that privacy is impossible in an extended family. But in my opinion trust is more important for a happy family than any other feature.

There are a lot of problems in an extended family, especially between brothers and sisters. They always treat one another badly. Of course, if you have a lot of brothers and sisters, there will be no privacy. But on the other hand, when you have no brothers or sisters, life becomes boring.

There are a lot of problems and conflicts that appear between teenagers and their parents. They don't understand each other.

Parents always want their children to be clever and learn harder. They don't bother themselves to understand their children. They are always glad when their children have trouble with things that are very valuable for them.

Parents always cheat teenagers. They say that school is very important for us and to enter an institute we should have good marks in our school-leaving certificates.

But it's not what the children want. I think that it is necessary to bridge the generation gap, and parents and children must come to an agreement.