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Traditional Russian Holidays and Celebrations. Топик по английскому

Тема: Традиционные русские праздники и торжества

Every country has its own national holidays, but there are holidays that are common for many countries. People all over the world know New Year's Day, Christmas and Easter. In Russia New Year's Day is the most popular holiday, but in the West people pay more attention to Christmas.

New Year's Day is a family event in Russia. People begin to prepare for this holiday beforehand. Everything is rush and bustle. There is a great air of expectation. People decorate their New Year trees with tinsel, various baubles and coloured lights. They usually put their presents under the tree. When the Kremlin clock strikes 12, they see the New Year in.

There are dates and events in our country that are memorable to Russian people. They are the Victory Day, the Women's Day, the Day of Spring and Labour, the Independence Day, the Country Defendant's Day, the Constitution Day, Maslenitsa Besides, there are many professional days in our country: Teacher's Day, Miner's Day, etc.

Christmas in Russia is celebrated on January 7th. It is celebrated with all-night services in churches. The Country Defendant's Day is celebrated on February 23rd. This holiday is devoted to soldiers and officers and everyone else who defended the country or is in the Army. The Mother's Day is celebrated on March 8th. It is a day off. Men and boys try to please their mothers, sisters and wives by giving presents and flowers.

Maslenitsa marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring and Lent. During this festival people make pancakes, sing and dance traditional songs and dances and visit each other. Maslenitsa and Easter are movable holidays. Easter is the main Orthodox festival. People colour eggs and enjoy traditional Russian dishes. Churches hold special services on this day.

The Day of Spring and Labour is celebrated on May 1st. On this day people prefer to go outdoors and take part in all kinds of outdoor activities. The Victory Day is celebrated on May 9th. It celebrates the end of the Soviet Union's participation in World War II in Europe. People put flowers at the tombs of the soldiers who were killed during the war. The main ceremony is held in Moscow. People lay flowers in Moscow's Victory Park and at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The Independence Day is celebrated on June 12th. On this day Russia became an independent country after the break up of the Soviet Union in 1991. This is an official holiday. Some years ago people in Russia celebrated the Day of Reconciliation and Harmony on November 7th. Nowadays they celebrate the Day of National Unity on November 4th. It is an official holiday and a day off. November 7th is celebrated nowadays too, but it is not a public holiday. The Constitution Day is marked on December 12th in honour of the new Constitution of 1993. It is not a day off nowadays.